Social Networking & Collaboration

The ever increasing popularity of Social Networks, including those within the context of the Enterprise sector, is the starting point for development of new software methods and applications that emphasise sharing and collaboration.

Social Networking within and outside the Enterprise

The application of 2.0 models and technologies introduces new ways of participating in companies, based on dispersed and unstructured knowledge. The knowledge management platforms, which allow users have a ‘voice’, open up to bottom-up approaches of construction and sharing of information based on wikis, blogs, chats and forums. New forms of communication based on Unified Messaging tools appear, speeding up interaction between corporate processes.

Apart from specific solutions aimed at maximising user and stakeholder participation via the Internet (Social Engagement) and using the right tools to monitor and engage conversation and interactions within communities (Social Listening), Reply bases the specific offering for Corporate Social Networking on its own TamTamy™ platform, which uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model in a Cloud Computing system.

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Focus On TamTamy™

Social Network Platform

TamTamy™ responds to companies’ ever-increasing requirements involving the facilitating and sharing of individual knowledge, collaboration and new forms of communication.

Enterprise Social Network

TamTamy develpos for Schroders, one of the world’s leading asset-management groups, "Investimente": a platform dedicated to professional consultants and based on the science of behavioural finance.

Integrated 2.0 Services

Multichannel Social Networking

Companies operating in the sector of Telco & Media need to integrate 2.0 services into their user channels: Web Community, Mobile Telephony and Interactive TV.

Reply has strong skills for the integration of the most popular Web Services, like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc...