Digital Media

Over the past few years the communication market has seen an increase in the importance of the presence of a single brand, product or service on the various digital platforms. A new, active presence which invites the consumer/user to interact: this “dialogue” is what renders the concept completely different from the traditional “display only” model used in all markets and by all brands in the past.

Web Presence & Digital Asset Management

Today, the digital communication needs creative skills to be accompanied by a high standard of technological skills and design. In this new scenario of excellent communication, which requires a closer relationship between creativity and technology, Reply's response to the demands from the market is offering technological knowledge and expertise in digital creativity and in multichannel brand marketing.

In addition to the creation and management of all aspects concerning brand image using interactive digital media, Reply’s expertise also extends to the application of creative concepts and technology to important sectors such as mobile telephone, e-commerce and gaming, These sectors are now, and will continue to be, targeted by commercial brands, as the main international communication markets already show today.

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Multimedia Asset Management

Discovering the new media trends

Discovery Reply™ is Reply’s proprietary platform for Digital Asset Management. Discovery Reply offers its decades of experience and the best technology for the digitalisation, archiving, cataloguing and distribution of digital content. Discovery Reply provides professional, cost/effective and reliable solutions to those customers addressing media management and distribution platform implementation and evolution.

Viral Media

Daikin Emura Viral Video

The launch of the new Daikin Emura, an air conditioning system characterized by a neat, clean and elegant design, was supported by a viral campaign designed and developed by Bitmama, a digital communication company which is part of the Reply Group.

Web Marketing and Viral Marketing campaigns

Success Case

Lancia and Chrysler are online together. A site created by Bitmama to tell of the merger of two big companies and their industrial project. The new reality of a common path is visually represented with the metaphor of an encounter: two coloured lines chase and look for each other.

Reply designs and develops the Digital Presence of Lancia ( View more